Top Five Ways for Allergen Free Spaces

Keeping living and working spaces clean is a significant priority for all of us, and part of living a healthy lifestyle. But if you, or your kids, elders or anyone in your family has allergies, keeping living spaces super clean becomes an absolute necessity. It isn’t any fun to have people sneezing and sniffling at home, or suffering from itchy, angry red rashes all day. So, how does one keep allergies under check? Here are some great ideas.

Cleaning your spaces in a way that keeps allergies at bay isn’t as difficult a task, if you follow this simple, five point regimen, in your everyday cleaning plan.

Make sure to vacuum your floors as often as you can. This is especially important if you have a carpeted floor, or a space that is very vulnerable to dust and lint. If getting rid of the carpet altogether or the source of pollution itself is not an option, your safest bet is to rely on vacuuming for deep cleaning. The use of a vacuum cleaner is more efficient in removing finer dust, pollen grains, pet dander and other forms of allergy triggers. These things are constantly around in your carpets and rugs.
Keep your furniture and draperies clean. Allergens are also very commonly found sticking to your furniture and curtains, and even blinds, if you have them. By cleaning up the upholstery and drapes on a periodic basis, and going deep in your cleaning can help keep allergy triggers and dust under control.
Clean your indoor plants, balconies and windows. Sometimes, the sources of allergens happen to be windowsills and plants. This is especially because fungi and mould can remain in these spaces, and they can cause allergies in sensitive people. Make sure to keep these spaces clean by doing a dust and sweep routine every day.
Keep your pets clean Most times pets are inadvertently carriers of allergens and dust, and this might wind up bringing in allergens into your already cleaned spaces. Make sure to give your pets a bath regularly, followed by grooming to help them stay as allergen free, and clean as possible.
Do a professional deep clean periodically Chem-Dry is here for you, and guarantees you a 99.9% allergen free environment. Whether it is for your mattresses, carpets, sofas or even curtains, we’re always just a phone call away! Call 9025 388 388 now.