Top Cleaning Applications of Vinegar

Vinegar is an amazing household tool to have on hand for cleaning. It can be used with a wide array of items and surfaces. It’s a wonder that more people aren’t hip to its many uses. Here are the top cleaning applications for vinegar.

1. Removing Goo and Adhesive Residue

vinegar1There are tons of oil-based products on the market that claim to remove sticker residue and goo from surfaces. However, these products can be toxic, overwhelmingly pungent, in addition to leaving behind a slick, oily residue of their own. You don’t want to have to clean off your cleaning products, right?  Instead of using these products, use vinegar. All it takes is a little vinegar, left to soak on the affected surface for 10-15 minutes for the residue to easily wipe away.

2. Clean Your Microwave Easily

Scrubbing the microwave can take forever. Instead of wasting time, just use a glass of vinegar to literally melt away any splatter or food residue. Place a glass of vinegar in the microwave. Run the microwave on high for five minutes. After this time has passed, the steam from the vinegar will have melted away any dirt and debris, allowing you to easily wipe the inside of your microwave clean.

3. Create an All-Natural Fabric Refresher

Vinegar neutralizes odors, the same way those commercial fabric refreshers to do. To create your own fabric refresher, mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a clean spray bottle. If you don’t like the odor, add some essential oil or lemon juice.

4. Soften and Eradicate Lint From Clothes

Using vinegar instead of fabric softener will help to do away with lint, in addition to leaving your clothes softer. This trick will also reduce static, even if you don’t use a dryer sheet.

5. “The Sink Volcano”

If you can detect a slight odor from your kitchen drain, it may be thanks to food particles and residue that have built up over time. To do away with these unwanted odors, create a “sink volcano.” Start by pouring a generous amount of baking soda down the drain and follow by pouring vinegar. This will create a volcano effect and the mixture will bubble up. It will remove any traces of food residue and completely eliminate odors.

6. Clean Your Coffee Maker

If you want to clean the inside of your coffee maker, simply run vinegar through the machine instead of water. Afterwards, run the machine with plain water two or three times to ensure that there is no trace of the vinegar left over. Not only will this keep your machine running smoothly, but your coffee will taste fresher.

7. Remove Salt From Boots and Shoes

In the winter, your boots and shoes can accumulate unattractive white stains from the salt on the sidewalk. A rag coated in vinegar will effortlessly remove these stains with barely any elbow grease needed. This trick can also be used on your car mats, coats and any other fabrics that have salt stains.

Most of us want to find eco-friendly ways to accomplish our household tasks and viinegar is an incredibly environmentally friendly way to accomplish many cleaning tasks. While vinegar has many uses for cleaning, when it comes to dealing with stubborn carpet or upholstery stains, your best course of action is consulting a professional carpet cleaning company such as Chem-Dry for a professional stain removal solution.