Five New Year Resolutions for Your Home

Your home is the first place that you’re accustomed to: no matter how much of a traveller you may

be, or how long you stay outdoors on work-related commitments, home is really where the heart is.

And that is why keeping your home in top shape and in perfectly clean order becomes a matter of

significant priority. Here are five new year resolutions that you should be looking forward to keeping

this year!

De-clutter and indulge in open spaces: One of the biggest hindrances to cleanliness and

comfortable spatial movement is clutter. By accumulating things that you don’t need, not

only are you filling your spaces up with more than you need, but you are also restricting the

free flow of air, light and your own movement. Clutter can also bring down the energy of

your spaces, and makes cleaning a bit of a task – imagine having too many things on a shelf

and having to clean out each, separately, before you get round to doing other things in the

day! This year, endeavour to keep your spaces open, de-cluttered and free of dirt.

Be smart with storage: One of the biggest challenges to having clean home spaces is

storage. There are undoubtedly a lot of things one may acquire. The key is to store them in a

way that doesn’t accumulate dust and dirt, or render your spaces too messy. Try storing bed

spreads inside pillow cases, and placing them on shelves in your store cupboard. Use box

seats that double up as storage compartments, and use a smart kitchen to store your things

more efficiently.

Go Natural: Nature offers up the best way to stay clean and allergen free. Using room

fresheners may seem like a fun thing to do, but not everyone is comfortable with them –

what with odour centred allergies and such else. Use indoor plants and indulge in a line of

cute row planters to fill your spaces with natural air flow agents. Indoor plants also help

create a natural and healthy indoor ambience, and also encourage the creation of a lot of

breathing space. What’s more, since plants are living, they don’t attract dust in a way that

most other curios do.

Make everyday cleaning a priority: Exposure to pollutants in this day and age seems

inevitable – just keeping the windows open, especially in an urban living, can prove to

attract a lot of pollutant-dust into your houses. Make it a point to do a light clean routine

everyday – and a deep cleaning every few weeks. Dusting your exposed furniture and curio

ranges will help avoid the accumulation of too many dust irritants into your spaces.

Deep clean on your own once in a while: Set aside a day every fortnight to vacuum your

spaces, and spend enough time to use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to get

the edges, corners, and baseboards.  Pull out furniture if you’re able and if needed and

vacuum underneath it. This should help set your spaces in top shape for the next fortnight at