7 ways to reduce summer allergens in your home


As the temperatures outside soar, most of us would prefer to stay indoors. But is your house free from those summer allergens? If not, perhaps it is time to get rid of dirt choking the air conditioners, the cobwebs that throng the corners of your house, and to air out your closet spaces.

Here are 7 tips to keep your home free from summer allergens.

1.Change your bed linen every week:
While making your bed every morning is important, changing the bed covers, and pillowcases weekly is a healthy habit. Beds are the favorite spot for dust mites to breed. Hence, keep your bed clean in order to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

2.Clean the air ducts regularly:
When summer comes we use our air conditioners more than usual, so it’s essential to keep the filters and ducts clean to avoid clogging and ensure free passage of fresh air. Clean filters monthly, and service the whole unit every 3 months.

3.De-clutter your home:
The more you clutter your house with unwanted things, you create the perfect environment for dust, pollen and dander. Get busy de-cluttering to create space and keep your home tidy and allergen free.

4.Dust twice a week:
Dust could give rise to pollen and other allergens. Hence, it is important to dust your home twice a week to avoid furniture and other surfaces being covered in layers of dust.

5. Vacuum your carpets weekly:
Carpets are great at trapping small particles that cause allergies. Thus, vacuuming your carpet using cleaners that have a good filtration system is a must. But, be sure to have them professionally cleaned every 6 months.

6.Avoid curtain with layers:
Use blinds or curtains that are easy to wash. Curtains with too many layers absorb dust particles and keep them enclosed in your house. Ensure that you wash the curtains or blinds weekly, to avoid allergens from settling in. When in doubt, use a professional cleaning service.

7. Avoid indoor plants:
With indoor plants, there are chances of pollen, or mold spores from the soil being released into your homes, especially in summer. It is better to move them to a shaded area outdoor and keep your house free from pollen or allergen triggers.