6 Cleaning Myths Busted

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Does your cleaning routine leave you feeling dissatisfied? We’re often doing things that we think are the right way to go when we’re cleaning our spaces. But sometimes, what may be working well for others, may not work for us, without first understanding what our own cleaning needs are. Here are some of the myths that we bust, about cleaning:

1. What’s clean, smells clean: Clean things do not have to smell clean. The idea, therefore, is not to scrub until everything smells soapy or like detergent. What you’re aiming for is to get it clean enough to look great, and not smell bad.

2. Use bleach when you have to clean: Bleach is not the only cleaner there is. Make sure you match to correct cleaner to the surface you want to clean. In fact, the use of bleach should be limited to disinfecting hard surfaces, and treating colourfast fabrics.

3. “I clean my house everyday with a quick dusting routine. That’s good enough.”: Superficial cleaning is not enough. Make sure your invest in a professional deep cleaning service in order to remove soiling built up over many months, and the germs and allergens that remain in your spaces even after superficial cleaning.

4. Paper towels are good for cleaning needs: Avoid using paper towels for cleaning – because they’re only good for wiping up spills and splashes, and not for deep cleaning.

5. Use cotton to clean when you don’t have cloth: Avoid using cotton, because it leaves behind fine lint, which looks really unsightly, and makes your spaces more vulnerable to dirt.

6. Use cleaners for your surface and wipe down immediately after spraying it on your surfaces: While it is good and necessary to wipe off a cleaner before it dries on a surface, it is also a good idea to let it sit a bit, especially on old dirt. This will help you clean a space that hasn’t been cleaned properly.