5 Ways to Dehumidify Your Home


An Indian summer brings with it high levels of humidity. This humidity increases moisture in the air, which can lead to growth of molds, peeling of paints, wet insulation and rotting of furniture, thereby increasing exposure to allergens at home.

It is time to take control over these challenges. Here are 5 simple ways to dehumidify your home, for a cleaner environment.

1. Try a little baking soda – Baking soda is very effective in reducing humidity levels in your home. All you need to do is place some baking powder in a bowl and cover it with a non-woven cloth. Leave this bowl in your kitchen and bathrooms and watch it effectively reduce moisture.

2. Ensure constant ventilation – Cross ventilation is another great way to reduce humidity levels in your home. A constantly locked up home during summer becomes a breeding ground for allergens born from humidity and mugginess. Keep your windows open and allow some fresh air indoors. Also, while cooking and showering, switching on your exhaust fan is a great way to reduce humidity.

3. Unplug Gadgets and Appliances – It is a well-known fact that each device plugged into a socket, produces heat. Unplug all gadgets and appliances when not in use. It reduces humidity and helps save power.

4. Check for Water Leaks – Loose taps and water leaks are another reason to increase humidity indoors. Do check for these leaks and get them fixed in time.

5. Move your indoor plants outdoor – Plants are great at cleaning the air indoors. But they also increase humidity and moisture levels. Moving them outdoors will not only reduce this humidity but will also give them the sunshine and fresh air they require, during the day.